Stephen Vick's Remarkable Journey: Kickboxing to Financial Success

Stephen Vick's journey from humble beginnings to becoming a renowned figure in both martial arts and finance is an inspiring tale of dedication and adaptability. Born to a sheet-metal worker and a factory hand, Steve left the public schooling system early to pursue his passion for martial arts. By the age of 14, he had competed in his first full-contact Taekwondo tournament, and within a year, he had secured both State and National championship titles. Over the next five years, he continued to dominate the sport, winning 4 State and 5 National Taekwondo titles.
Steve then transitioned to full-contact Kickboxing, turning professional within a year. His career in Kickboxing was illustrious; he won multiple titles, including professional State, National, South Pacific, Commonwealth, and Intercontinental titles. By the age of 25, he was ranked number 1 by all Kickboxing sanctioning bodies and achieved the pinnacle of his career by becoming the Super-Welterweight World Champion in November 1994. Steve has been touted as one of the greatest kickers in the history of combat sport (Joe Rogan Podcast), and his legendary 12-round fight against Hector Pena was acclaimed as the ‘greatest fight’ in Australian Kickboxing history by International Kickboxer Magazine.

"One Of The Greatest Kickers In The History Of Combat Sport"

Stephen Vick's Transition from Kickboxing to Financial Mastery

Following his retirement from Kickboxing the day after his world title victory, Steve embarked on a new career in finance. In his first year he began managing a team of mortgage brokers and debt consultants. Over the next decade, he climbed the ranks to a State Management position with Australia's largest mortgage broker. Steve pursued further education, earning a Bachelor of Banking & Finance, a diploma of financial planning, and a diploma of Finance & Mortgage Broking Management. After a decade of success in the mortgage industry, Steve switched his focus to Financial Planning.

Steve's experience in the financial advice industry includes significant roles at MLC, the private wealth division of National Australia Bank, and Australian Unity before founding the Nexus Private group of companies. Nexus Private offered a range of services including financial planning, accounting, lending, and property advice.

Since 2012, Steve has provided investment-related advice through the Nexus group to a diverse clientele, including professionals, non-professionals, and high net worth individuals and remains a director of Nexus Private Wealth and National Property Advisory.

He has demonstrated strong leadership abilities, building and leading a team of up to 16 staff members, and guiding them through the complexities of modern business operations including equity participation and succession. Steve's experience in sales training, along with his strategic planning and leadership skills, has been pivotal to his success. He attributes his primary strength to his ability to simply "Get Things Done," a testament to his relentless drive and effectiveness in both his martial arts and financial careers.